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So it’s been a year. Why couldn’t they leave off where I thought they would?

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yo if jenny dead, i’ma fight a bitch.

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Sleepy Hollow time!!!

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not here for white girl opinions on men of colour tbh

Also not here for white boy opinions on woc

I’m personally not here for white people’s opinions on anything

I’m not trying to be cute I really just don’t care

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When a Pisces feels vulnerable and stressed, they will often try to find alone time in an open space. They do not like being confined no matter how much they want to be alone. They need to feel they have the freedom to move around.

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white boy thirst can destroy a life. if you suspect that a loved one or you are experiencing the beginning stages of white boy thirst, call 1-800-CWBT or visit curewhiteboythirst.com to learn more about the symptoms and rehabilitation options. together, we can cure the thirst.

#curethethirst2013 #WBTsupportprogram

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*drinks vodka* *gags* “ugh I hate vodka” *drinks vodka*

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*Please don’t remove the links*


© Monchi 2014

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Raven Symone
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I really regret no auditioning for a RENT. I promised myself i would at least try to see how far i could go, but i really chickened out. 

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Emily King
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Oh, love is always better
When we take time to go back to who we are
When we are apart
Distance breaks the heart 

Oh, even when I’m lonely
Happy knowing your love is never far
When we are apart.

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Jhene Aiko
Souled Out (Deluxe Edition)
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by far my favorite song

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